This page is dedicated to the extensive work and research conducted in rebranding Seth Michael Studio, a sole proprietorship based in Collegeville, PA over an 8-week period. During this time, I worked directly with Seth Carlson in redesigning the studio's website, extensive video and tutorial recording, product photography, print material design, and a brand guideline to follow for future projects. Taking on a more marketing-focused role, this internship also focused on smart goal oriented tasks, researching target audiences and creating personas, studying competitors, and more. 
This final presentation poster summarizes the goals and accomplishments of our work. 
Final presentation poster for Seth Michael Studio via Digital Spark
Photos from the in-person internship presentations conducted before donors, Digital Spark cohort representatives, Seth Michael Studio, and Ursinus College faculty and staff. 
Social Media Branding Guide
Product Photography Examples
Preview images taken for showcasing pieces on an Etsy marketplace
Post Card and Business Card print designs, front and back
Promotional Fliers showcasing FairMined Materials 
Scenes from the updated website. These edits included using a more modern and accessible theme, updating the studio's catalogue with new pieces, and implementing a new section of the website that highlights events showcasing Seth Michael Studio and its work. This also includes an "About" page that describes the purpose and message of the studio, awards and features to the work, and a brief autobiography from the artist. 
Personas created based on target audience research and previously engaged customers 
For more information on the marketing aspects of this project and any further questions, please contact Emma Wood at
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